Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday gratitude

Today I'm grateful.

1) Someone brought in a huge, gigantic bag of Sarris chocolate-covered pretzels. Seriously, I've seen 20-lb sacks of potatoes that are smaller. Mmm...nom, nom, nom....
2) The sun is shining again! Whoo hoo!
3) I finished deadline a little early today so I'm heading to City Hall to do a quick interview and then over to my house to paint for a couple of hours before my recreation board meeting tonight. I realize that none of the things in that sentence sound like any fun, but the the gratitude comes in because I thought I wouldn't be able to paint at my house at all this week...and the goal, as always, is to finish ASAP!!!
4)Mmm...nom, nom, nom...(yes, it deserves to be mentioned twice)
5) I ran out of coffee this a.m. and got a chance to have some ginger peach tea, which was sent my way by a very thoughtful friend.
6) I'm grateful that I got out of work fairly early last night and was nearly able to get a full-night's rest. For a Monday, that says a lot.
7) I'm grateful that none of the coal miners I know work in WV...and I'm heartbroken for those who are grieving and even more heartbroken for those who are waiting...
8) I'm grateful that my Aunt Diana packed up a bunch of food for us after Easter and I was able to pack a lunch and a dinner for today!
9) I'm so glad to have discovered the 'autoplay' and playlist options on YouTube, which has given me access to a bunch of music while I work.
10) I'm glad that the woman I am today has 10 (printable) things to be grateful for in the middle of the craziest workday of her week...imagine what a lazy Thursday could bring?

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