Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I caught a cold — a whopper of a cold — and it’s kicking my butt.
I have tried harder this year than I ever have tried before to avoid illness and apparently, all of the hand-sanitizer, hand-washing and vitamins in the world can’t keep a cold away for an entire winter. I know it’s just a cold, and I’m trying not to be too “moan….I’m sick” about it, but it’s kicking my good-intentioned butt right now.

In other news, the folks I’m buying the house from are just as eager as I am to get this deal to closing so I might close as early as … next week! I’m trying really hard not to get my hopes up too high (and don’t tell my parents if you know them, my dad’s driving me nuts about moving up this closing date and I don’t want to get his hopes up either), but it might just be possible to close before my birthday, which is in eight days. Those of you who follow this blog might remember that closing by my birthday was an original new year’s resolution…made a month before I’d even found this house.
What a gift that would be!

My best friend and his wife are building a pile-o-house-warming stuff in their basement…sort of the ‘we got married and got new stuff, here’s some stuff for your new house’ pile. I’m really lucky to have them in my life.

I’m really enjoying the Olympics…I can’t wait to see how the hockey tournament turns out. It’s so crazy to watch the hockey tournament games and hear all of those names on the same team. It’s like a hodge-podge of crazy talent. What a great game on Sunday! Here’s hoping the rest of this week’s games are equally awesome!

I need to start packing. It seems a little overwhelming, so in typical KLL fashion I’m avoiding it at the moment. Argh. Boxes, boxes… How does one pack books (a library’s worth) so one doesn’t throw one’s back out…or more correctly, so one doesn’t throw one’s father’s back out? I came home last night to a pile of things on my bedroom floor. My mother had been cleaning out the linen closet and came across a pile of things that belong to me. I get the feeling my parents are ready to change the locks if I don’t get this deal done ASAP!


Sunday, February 14, 2010


"Et cetera (in English contexts pronounced /ɛt ˈsɛtərə/) is a Latin expression that means "and other things," or "and so forth." It is taken directly from the Latin expression which literally means "and the rest (of such things)."
The phrase et cetera is often used to delete the logical continuation of some sort of series of descriptions." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Et_cetera)

This past week has been all about the et cetera...

The best way to sum it up is to say "there was a little stress, a little craziness, a little sadness, etc."

I just can't go into the et cetera part right now. I will write about my friend Diana's battle with cancer, what she meant to my family and to me, and how much she will be missed -- but not right now.
I will share this line, which her husband, John, said during her funeral. "You go home tonight and you take the people that you love and you hold them tight."
I'm so sick of seeing cancer win more often than it loses. I'm sick of it.

My home inspection, appraisal, and mortgage application appointments were all held this week. I have one issue that I'm asking the homeowners to fix before I agree to move forward with the purchase, which I expect them to readily agree to as I have agreed to take care of the longer list of smaller issues.
I'm extremely lucky to have my dad and his best friend (dad#2) who are eager(?) to help me with that list. Some of the items are more along the lines of 'things I will need to do if I ever decide to sell the house to another person' as opposed to 'things that must be done before I can move in.'
I'm going to start looking at paint colors and plan to pack a few boxes this week. My hope is that I'll be able to move up the closing date, but for now it is still scheduled to close on March 24.

My nephew, Ethan, is due in less than one month.

I'm completely addicted to the Olympics. I used to love figure skating when I was younger, during the Kerrigan/Harding saga, but I really didn't watch much of the Olympics since that time. The summer Olympics hooked me with the opening ceremony and the sand and indoor volleyball -- never mind the Phelps-mania. Now I've been looking forward to watching hockey (have you seen Canada's lineup?) for about a year...but the remaining sports have snuck up on me. I've been surprised by my interest in the skiing, luge, short-track speed skating, etc.

Like I said, this past week was all about the et cetera...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another quick one

Just an update:
I made an offer on the house I love, they owners accepted the first offer I made -- I NEVER saw that coming -- and I applied for a mortgage this morning! Crazy!

Today is such a mixed-emotions sort of day.

My friend Diana died last night. Cancer is a stupid, stupid disease, and I'm sick of saying goodbye to people I love because of cancer. Three deaths, three losses to cancer, in six months.

I can't write more about either of these things today. I just can't process them fully. It's too crazy. Everything always happens all at once, right?

I'll write more when I've had time to actually feel the emotions related to these changes in my life.