Monday, February 8, 2010

Another quick one

Just an update:
I made an offer on the house I love, they owners accepted the first offer I made -- I NEVER saw that coming -- and I applied for a mortgage this morning! Crazy!

Today is such a mixed-emotions sort of day.

My friend Diana died last night. Cancer is a stupid, stupid disease, and I'm sick of saying goodbye to people I love because of cancer. Three deaths, three losses to cancer, in six months.

I can't write more about either of these things today. I just can't process them fully. It's too crazy. Everything always happens all at once, right?

I'll write more when I've had time to actually feel the emotions related to these changes in my life.



  1. Congrats on the house Kris! That is awesome that they took your first offer. So sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer sucks! I enjoy checking in on your blog every now and then. I just started one too:
    Take care and happy moving!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of the house! Owning your first house is amazing and terribly empowering. Congratulations!

    Sorry to hear about Diana. We'll be praying for you and for her family.

  3. Thank you both. I haven't really had a chance to process Diana's death. I have been sort of saying to myself, if I can just make it until I get to the funeral home Wednesday, I can deal with it then. I'm not sure what to expect. I'm glad she's not suffering anymore. I feel horribly for her husband. I just can't wrap my mind around it.