Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I read "That's Church" regularly and I think I'm going to have to steal a concept from the brilliant PittGirl. She posts a regular item she calls "Random N'at," and it's literally a collection of random thoughts. I love this concept, but I want to be honest with you that I'm totally stealing it.

I had to leave work today before I was finished writing a story so I copied it onto my thumb-drive to take home with me. When I tried to open it, I realized that my work computer is now more advanced than my home computer. This has never happened before. I can't open my work file (which is a problem because the story needs to be filed ASAP)!! So, I'm downloading a compatibility pack ... and blogging.

While interviewing a group of high school students about this month's musical "Cinderella" -- how cool is it that I get to write about a bunch of students performing my FAVORITE story as part of my job? -- we were sitting in the music room when the door swung open. Suddenly, an adult man walked into the room, right past us, said nothing, stopped in the corner, dropped his backpack and started rubbing his hands together in what appeared to be folding his hands in prayer. I had this strange feeling and flashed back to the story about the shooting at the LA Fitness in Pittsburgh a few months ago when the man walks into the gym, puts his backpack down and starts shooting. I had this "shouldn't a grown-up be asking this guy what he's doing here" moment when I realized I was the grown-up in the room. It ended up that the guy was early for some other meeting, but I had the strangest feeling about the whole thing and had this weird mental image of shooing the kids out of the room if he got creepier. The kids were thrown off by the guy, too. I don't know what his deal was, it may have been nothing...but I had this feeling like I had to get the kids away from him. I went with my gut. No idea if that was necessary, but it was the weirdest feeling.

I'm still trying to close on the house. It's a long, weird story. It might not be too much longer. Let's leave it at that.

I ate a burrito for the first time today. Did you know burritos don't have to include beans? I had no idea. I got it with rice and cilantro instead and it was FABULOUS!

My birthday is in two days. My parents gave me a toaster, a microwave and a brita water filter. My grandmother gave me the most awesome birthday card EVER. She's awesome!!!!

I loved the Olympics. I wish they were held every year.

I have become ADDICTED to HGTV and random real estate and renovation shows. I spent hours and hours watching them this weekend. I can't wait to get my hands on some paint for my own house.

My download is complete, I have to go write a story about a great student athlete who saw his dreams of a playoff victory in wrestling dashed when his elbow was dislocated in the quarterfinals last weekend. Poor kid.


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