Monday, March 22, 2010

quick update

Hello reader(s)?

I have been disconnected for 20 days apparently...and not on purpose. I've been crazy busy!
I closed on my house on March 10 and within a few days the painting extravaganza had begun...and continues.
The closing process is something I will blog about when I'm living in my new house and have regrown my sense-of-humor about the situation. In the end, I own a house.
I can't live in the house yet, I'm still fixing and painting. I've never painted before, so this has been quite an experience.
I had this moment when I was on the ladder, painting the window trim with the windows open and several families walked by with their dogs and children. I flashed on the part of "Sleeping with Enemy" when Julia Roberts' character is shown in a montage of painting and house projects that takes about 45 seconds before she's enjoying her new home with a big smile on her face.
Let's just say that in my movie, the montage couldn't be finished in 45 seconds and I call hijinx on all movies that show independent women in 1-minute or less video montages fixing up their homes by themselves. Hijinx. Those montages give women like me the false sense that projects might be done without losing our minds!
I'm just really tired and am only about 2/10 finished with the project list.
I have nothing else to write about because I haven't had time to do anything else! More soon!


  1. Where is the new house located? Hope everything goes smoothly as you continue to paint, fix up and move in!

  2. It's in Westmoreland County, PA...I don't want to get much more specific on my blog!

    I'm just eager for the day when I live there and don't pass out before hitting my pillow every night!