Friday, July 2, 2010

garden done!

The flower bed project is complete.

Above and below: After moving the dirt around (and finding pieces of glass, aluminum foil, pop tabs and a huge chunk of what appears to be quartz) and planting the flowers. Mostly begonias and marigolds...not much else likes as much sun as my flower bed will get each day.

For the final touch, I added rubber mulch, which is allegedly good for the environment and doesn't need to be replaced as often.

Keep our fingers crossed that the flowers take root and thrive!



  1. Love your flower bed! I think you'll like the rubber mulch, and your flowers should too, since it will really help hold moisture in a sunny spot.

  2. Thanks!
    My neighbor thought I was kidding about the rubber mulch until I waved a piece under his nose and he could smell that 'tire' scent. I need about two more bags...waiting for payday for that purchase!
    So far they all look good, look like they've taken root, etc. My flower baskets need a LOT more water than the flower bed itself. They need to be watered more than once a day, especially in this heat, or they wilt.
    It's like a cartoon, they droop with a lot of exaggeration, get watered and literally spring back to life!