Monday, May 3, 2010

almost all moved in

May 1 started off rather slowly...I had some trouble waking up, getting out of bed and finding the motivation to finish stuffing boxes full of things. I think it was equal parts sentimentality and legitimate fatigue.
It was incredibly hot for the first day of May, which didn't help -- I'm not a huge fan of sweating and being gross, but most of Saturday was spent sweating and pretty gross.
My parents, my dad's best friend and me worked for roughly two hours -- start to finish -- and removed almost everything from my parents' house and loaded it into my house. Not bad! We were incredibly lucky in two respects.
1) There is NEVER a parking spot in front of my house and I was panicked about where to put the Uhaul, but for the first time ever, the entire block was clear and we had no trouble.
2) It was supposed to rain Saturday afternoon, but we managed to finish and stay dry!
My mother helped me unpack the bedroom so I could have one room mostly finished and then my folks left me to it. I thought I would pass out on the couch watching movies (no cable until Wednesday), but after a relatively quick rest, I began unpacking my living room. I'm almost done, I have two boxes that still need to be emptied and I'm still figuring out the organization of books on my shelves.
The bathroom, kitchen, living room and master bedroom are 90% finished. In the office, it's more like 40% -- mainly because it's the catch-all room where all those boxes and decorations and the like are being housed until I figure out what the hell to do with them all.
I know it's weird for me to talk like this, but when I found out I was one of only about a dozen ushers not scheduled to work at the playoff game on Sunday, I was incredibly relieved. I just couldn't see me waking up early enough (there were three major traffic inducing events in the city), driving down there, standing for at least five hours, and driving home. Luckily, I didn't have to do that and I watched the Pens stink up the joint from the comfort of my parents' couch (again, no cable til Wednesday! Really hoping Versus is part of the package).
I'm sleeping really soundly, which sort of surprised me until I realized that my body was just waiting for the move to finally happen.
I have so much work to do, not sure what I'm doing finishing this except that I feel like I have to write it all out to refocus my mind on something else!
More soon ~kll

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