Saturday, January 2, 2010

On being a pisces...

There is a big part of me that genuinely buys into my horoscope and an equally big part that thinks I'm probably a little crazy for even reading it.

The problem is that I'm a Pisces and every word I've ever read about the basic make-up of a Piscean personality matches me to a 'T.' So every now and then I check in with some random horoscope Web site ~ usually ~ and I'm always struck by how dead-on the 'big picture' readings are for me. The daily versions I don't put a lot of stock in but the monthly and yearly versions usually have me pegged dead to rights.

Portions of my 2010 yearly horoscope:

"Okay, pause for a moment and check your pulse. Still there? Good. That means you survived the last couple of years with both Saturn and Pluto in less-than-perfect places for you. And by "less than perfect," I mean "lousy." Good news! Both of astrology's heavyweights have moved on to more constructive places for you. Now is the time to take that famous Pisces sensitivity (still intact from the challenges of the last while) and put it to work making your life a happier and more comfortable place.

As a result of the last couple of years worth of hassle, you'll be a stronger person with better judgment.

One more noteworthy change from the previous year: Jupiter will be in your sign for most of the year, giving you a new-found sense of optimism and happiness about things no matter how they turn out. There will be a renewed emphasis on health, fitness and personal well-being in the spring -- take advantage of that."

I have to admit this horoscope has hit the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to the last few years being lousy and that I'm starting this year with "a new-found sense of optimism and happiness..."

I would never take a horoscope seriously enough to 'beware of a coworker on the 9th' or to 'wear your most romantic pair of pants on the 23rd' (what in the world does that mean?)...but I like taking pieces of my long-range horoscope to heart in the form of advice. Sometimes advice your friends won't give you like this little bit I cut out of the above passage "You'll be feeling expansive, but be careful not to expand too much -- this transit also comes with a more than usual chance of weight gain." Duly noted Ms. Astrologist, duly noted.

There is something oddly affirmative about knowing that Jupiter is on my side this year and 'the stars have aligned' or something in favor of more happiness. Even if all this carries with it is a placebo effect, who cares? My personal motto, for as long as I can remember having one, is that every person should do whatever they have to do to be happy, whatever that means. I don't mean that people should be selfish and take advantage of others to be happy, this is a much simpler concept.
My best friend Bill, who died almost 8 years ago, needed medication to be at peace. He didn't want to be on medication at all, but my thought was and is that we all deserve to be happy. If that means you need to take a pill, or go jump roping on Tuesdays, or only walk on the left side of the street on Saturdays, you should do what you need to do to make yourself happy -- no matter how strange others may think it matter how strange you think it is. Everyone deserves happiness.
I'm in the process of figuring out what I need to be the happiest that I'm capable of being...and you can bet your bottom dollar that when I figure it all out, I'll be doing it. I'm going to tuck away this little bit of information about Jupiter being in the right spot this's always good to have something in your matter how cheesy!


  1. My dad and I were talking along those lines earlier today---that you should enjoy life day by day. As long as you're financially responsible and it doesn't hurt anyone else, it's a good idea to enjoy each day in any way you can. None of us know what tomorrow will bring.

  2. Exactly! I feel a great deal of frustration when I see people avoiding things that are good for them. I feel like it's my responsibility to do everything within my power to live a happy life and to help others live their happiest. I feel like I'm letting my parents and my grandparents down if I don't grab happiness with both hands and hold on tight. I will never understand people who throw it away as if it's a given that there will be another opportunity.